‘Ben Dorain: a conversation with a mountain. Part four: traverse’ in Reliquiae Volume 6

‘On Longing’ in Dark Mountain 13


‘Golden Eagle’ in Zoomorphic Issue 9

‘The place where you go to listen’ in The Compass Issue Issue 5

‘North Lanarkshire post-pastoral’ in Nature and Regeneration, Corbel Stone Press Contemporary Poetry Series

‘Darkening hills’, ‘The path up the hill’ and ‘White hairs’ in The Scores Issue 2

‘How does it begin?’ Outlandia blog


‘25.7.2008’ in Dark Mountain 10

‘Du Fu in Airdrie’ in The Scores Issue 1

‘Newcastle Central Station’ in Southlight 20

‘Mirkenin Braes’ and ‘Hairst Stravaig’ in the pamphlet Loch Diànnăo, edited by Garry MacKenzie and Song Da (Castle House Books)

‘Ware-time’ in the One World exhibition, Museum of the University of St Andrews

‘Lewisian Nights’ in Northwords Now, No. 23


Six poems in New Writing from the Scottish Book Trust (SBT)


Four poems in 08\08: Poems by St Andrews Creative Writing Students 2008, edited by Douglas Dunn (Castle House Books)

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